Actionable Data

The world's data is messy and difficult to leverage on a large scale. We transform unstructured data into rich, usable information for intelligent machines.

Global Scale and Real Time
Global Scale / Real Time

Our data processing functions in real-time, enabling you to take informed action upon public and proprietary events as they happen.

Semantic Depth
Semantic Depth

Our system continually learns more about the world. This deepening knowledge enables us to deliver data with richer context and more dimensionality.

Dynamic Breadth of new data sources
Dynamic Breadth

We constantly discover new data sources, giving you the broadest coverage. We can also accommodate any data sources that are particular to your organization.

Configurable Streams of critical data for your intelligence infrastructure
Configurable Streams

Our platform generates a firehose of critical data, and our configuration tools enable you to create targeted data streams to push into your intelligence infrastructure.

Intelligent Machines
For Intelligent Machines

Our data is designed for consumption by intelligent machines and is delivered ready-to-use, enabling your systems to take action. No pre-processing required.