Platform: Anvil

ANVIL, Forge.AI’s cloud-based, activity-based intelligence platform, captures the world’s unstructured data and transforms it into enriched computational-ready knowledge immediately usable by data science teams, analysts, algorithms, and applications.

From risk engineering, to those seeking Alpha, to any other analytical endeavors involving unstructured data – ANVIL enhances and accelerates the scale, velocity and the results of your modeling processes and analytical tasks. Amplify what you can see. Accelerate what you can model. Act with confidence.

Operating at a global scale and at machine speeds, ANVIL creates a continuously compounding analytical and decision-making advantage for your business.

  • Massive in scale. Feature rich. Time-series by design.
  • Always learning. Continually growing. Constantly discovering.
  • See more. Model more. Predict more.

ANVIL is Engineered to Empower:

Compute risk with an entirely new level of fidelity. Quickly discover, quantify, and predict risk and the events that impact risk at an unparalleled scale and breadth.
Predict and capture hidden opportunities. Quantitatively capture change, connections, and movement at a scale and speed that enables you to identify and see the previously invisible.
Data Scientists
and Analysts
Deliver breakthrough insights and radically accelerate the speed of hypothesis development, back testing, and modeling activities.
Focus on analytical advantage. Avoid having to continually find, store, and clean massive amounts of data. Instead, refocus your time and resources on creating an enterprise-wide analytical advantage.