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Breakthrough results, accelerating growth and eliminating costs is how you measure success. Whether you’re managing portfolios, data scientists, risk engineers, analysts, or data engineers, the bar is the same–deliver results. Forge.AI’s ANVIL platform is meticulously designed to catapult the analytical powers of your business to new heights. ANVIL extracts the knowledge and information latent in unstructured data to heighten your analytical and predictive capabilities–all while saving you years of time and money.

Discover how ANVIL can help you reach success.

Compute risk with an entirely new level of fidelity. Quickly discover, quantify, and predict risk and the events that impact risk at an unparalleled scale and breadth.
Predict and capture hidden opportunities. Quantitatively capture change, connections, and movement at a scale and speed that enables you to identify and see the previously invisible.
Data Scientists
and Analysts
Deliver breakthrough insights and radically accelerate the speed of hypothesis development, back testing, and modeling activities.
Focus on analytical advantage. Avoid having to continually find, store, and clean massive amounts of data. Instead, refocus your time and resources on creating an enterprise-wide analytical advantage.


Game changers don’t aspire to tread water. You’re here to thrive and that means outpacing the competition. Whether you’re a bank, a hedge fund, an asset manager, or an insurance company, ANVIL’s activity-based intelligence capabilities enable you to directly incorporate the power of unstructured data into your AI, predictive modeling, and analytical functions. Start changing the game by changing the way you collect data.

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Banks that best operationalize predictive analytics will make better risk-based decisions and will outperform their competitors. By enabling banks to directly incorporate the power of unstructured data into their AI and machine learning infrastructure, Forge.AI’s ANVIL platform creates a quantitatively-based knowledge advantage while reducing operational costs.

Enhance your predictive and risk analytics now.


Quantitatively Oriented Hedge Funds:

Forge.AI’s ANVIL platform enables you to effectively incorporate critical unstructured data into your algorithms efficiently and at a scale previously unknown. Accelerate your hypothesis testing and bring new capabilities to your company, sector, macro, factor, and theme based models.

Scale your success starting today.


Asset Managers:

For asset managers that need to simultaneously track and model thousands of companies and investment themes, it has never been more important to incorporate unstructured data into you’re analytical activities. By utilizing Forge.AI’s ANVIL platform to master the world of unstructured data, you amplify the ability of your analysts and data scientists to see around the corner and identify trends and opportunities that were previously invisible.

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Insurance Companies:

By incorporating unstructured data into your AI and machine learning infrastructure, insurance companies can drive revenue growth, increase the power of their predictive analytics, and improve risk management effectiveness, all while driving efficiencies and reducing operational costs.

Start seeing risk in an entirely new light.


Global 2000 and Beyond:

Gain situational advantages with respect to emerging threats that might impact opportunities, operations, supply chains and reputations. By plugging into Forge.AI’s ANVIL platform, you can now algorithmically incorporate the dynamics of the real world directly into your quantitative decision-making processes.

Start fueling your quantitative advantage.



Forge.AI’s ANVIL platform allows government agencies to incorporate unstructured data into their operational environment with a level of fidelity and insight ranging from the local to the global level.

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Use Cases:

ANVIL provides access to an ever-expanding, machine-ready universe of dynamic knowledge that reflects an ever-changing and evolving world.

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Simultaneously capturing and understanding the ever-changing activity and event space that surrounds thousands of companies in a structured manner is critical to your alpha goals. The activities and events reflected in unstructured information sources such as SEC filings, news, and social media directly impact your search for alpha. ANVIL’s activity-based intelligence capabilities enable you to incorporate asset-specific event spaces into your alpha models like never before. Expand the computational horizon that supports your search for Alpha.

Gain an alpha edge today.

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How you monitor, assess, quantify and manage unexpected events is at the core of your credit risk management activities. ANVIL’s activity-based intelligence capabilities continually capture the complex event space that impacts tens of thousands of companies, and transforms those events into real-time structured data that help fuel your company-specific or macro credit models. Amplify your credit risk engineering with real-time data that spans both public and private companies.

See risk differently.

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Understanding core market risk is understanding the heartbeat of the economy. ANVIL’s activity-based intelligence capabilities continually capture and extract global events from news, regulatory filings, and social media. This information informs macro market risk and transforms those events into real-time structured data for inclusion in market risk models. ANVIL instruments the world so your models can predict changes in market risk faster, with better fidelity and greater efficiency than ever before.

Instrument your view of the world.

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While most financial organizations have control over their internal risk processes, best practice requires you to identify, understand, and protect against activities that create reportable operational risk events for other financial organizations. Forge.AI’s ANVIL platform enables real-time visibility into reportable operational risk events at machine speeds and global scale–so you can learn and protect your firm from mistakes others have made.

Enhance your operational risk oversight.

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The demands associated with Know Your Customer laws are complex and time-consuming. The KYC and AML risk profile of each party associated with the hundreds of millions of transactions occurring within your banking ecosystem every year is a task exceeding human scale. ANVIL’s activity-based intelligence capabilities help financial organizations best protect themselves from the legal and reputational risks related to KYC and AML.

Minimize your legal and reputational risk.

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ANVIL is constantly growing, continually learning, and is domain and use case agnostic. Whatever your challenge with unstructured data, chances are ANVIL can free you from wrestling with data capture and structuring so you can focus on growing your business.

Unlock your knowledge-based opportunity advantage.

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