Chief Investment Officers and Investment Professionals


Driving returns – regardless of asset class–is a never-ending quest increasingly driven by algorithmic and quantitative modeling. Forge.AI’s ANVIL platform enables chief investment officers and their quantitative teams to systematically capture and see change in the world and make future predictions at a scale and speed previously not possible.

Benefits to CIOs and Quantitative Investment Professionals



Opportunity Horizon:

Investment professionals must absorb and understand the interplay of thousands of companies and how they intersect with millions of events. This interplay is reflected daily in news, social, web, and regulatory filings. Because these are unstructured data sources, quantitatively capturing and analyzing this interplay has historically been extremely difficult. ANVIL changes this historical paradigm and fundamentally expands your opportunity horizon by transforming the knowledge contained in unstructured data into structured intelligence that feeds your modeling efforts.


Past is prologue. Predictive modeling requires you to not only understand today’s change, but to also see how similar change events and patterns have happened and evolved over time. ANVIL’s structured representation of millions of events captured from the world of unstructured information enables a volume and fidelity in predictive modeling and hypothesis testing that, before now, was simply not possible.

Time Series At Scale:

Institutional investors and portfolio managers need to understand the interplay of tens of thousands of events and relationships that span across companies, sectors, and various asset classes as a time series. ANVIL is specifically engineered to support time series analysis that underlies your investment making processes.

Machine Ready:

Speed and costs matter. You need the analysts and data scientists who support your portfolio managers to not just model and analyze change differently, but to do significantly more of it. 80-90 percent of data scientists’ time is spent collecting data and preparing it for analysis. ANVIL breaks that cycle of inefficiency. By eliminating all the work normally associated with data preparation, ANVIL enables your data science teams to increase the amount of work they do by a factor of 10.