Forge's platform performs real-time monitoring of global information. This information is transformed and enriched by our NLP technology and Knowledge Base before being syndicated into structured and machine-readable data feeds. All of our processing happens in real time and at global scale.
Intelligent Sourcing
Our technology is designed to process unstructured information that is written for human consumption: news, social media, radio, television, podcasts, etc. Our fully automated and AI-driven sourcing technologies enable us to stay on top of the growing velocity and volume of unstructured data as it is generated, so that we can deliver relevant, machine-ready data.

Disparate Sources - Public, Private, Many formats

Driven by Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge Enrichment and Processing
We deliver information-rich knowledge and events at machine scale. Powered by our semantic, probabilistic, temporal knowledge graph and Natural Language Understanding capabilities, our data gives you the ability to perform powerful reasoning about the information.

Natural Language Understanding / Natural Language Processing

Knowledge Base Enrichment

Ontological Mapping
Real Time Syndication
Our syndicated data feeds are highly configurable and easily consumable by downstream systems. Customers receive Forge's data feeds via API. Our low-latency platform enables customers to instantly receive and act against crucial information.


Machine Ready

Real Time
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