Infrastructure Engineer

This engineer is responsible for establishing and managing Forge.AI’s AWS cloud infrastructure and our internal infrastructure. The server infrastructure is predominantly Linux. This person will work closely across all teams to establish the appropriate architecture to minimize the latency of our information collection, processing and distribution pipelines, insure uptime, manage internal and external/access security and insure appropriate backup policies are established and maintained.


Key Qualifications:
  • Experience establishing, managing and securing an AWS infrastructure

  • Experience with Kafka, Redis and MongoDb

  • Experience manage and securing internal networks and a hybrid Linux/Windows computing infrastructure including routing, backup, etc.

  • Experience maintaining internal and public DNS information

  • Managing MySQL

Important attributes:
  • You are curious about science and technology

  • Challenging yourself is an intrinsic part of who you are

  • Team matters

  • Sharing and debating ideas to get to the right answer is important to you

  • You seek to act and don’t wait to be told

  • You like to teach those around you

  • You are serious about your work but also believe that laughter and levity are important

  • You work hard and you also have passions outside of work that enrich your life

  • Winning is important to you, but so is how you win


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