The mission of Forge.AI is to help our customers make the best analytically informed decisions possible. We do this by capturing the global flow of unstructured data and transforming it into computationally consumable, structured knowledge that our customers’ data scientists and analysts use to see and model the world in new ways and with greater velocity. Our long-term vision is to enable our customers to automate, or augment, key aspects of their analytical, reasoning and decision-making processes.

  • Founded in 2017
  • Mission Driven
  • Intensely Curious
  • Relentlessly Inventive
  • Venture Backed


Forge.AI is team-oriented, mission-driven and intensely customer focused. We both create and work with a broad range of cutting-edge technologies spanning NLP and NLU, machine learning, global knowledge bases, and beyond. Are you a passionate individual with a demonstrable commitment to excellence? We’re always on the lookout for skills ranging from the deeply theoretical and highly technical, to the richly creative and exceptionally practical.

To get the conversation started–send your CV to humans@forge.ai today.