Hierarchical Classification at Forge.AI

Posted by Brandon McKinzie on March 2, 2018


Suppose you’d like to classify individual documents at multiple levels of specificity. In addition, you’d also like to know whether a document contains multiple topics and with what confidence. For example, as I write this Google News is displaying an article titled Income Stocks With A Trump Tax Bonus. We may want to capture the main topics contained in the article along with an associated measure of our confidence that those topics are contained in the article. Such a classification might look something like the following

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Tags: AI, NLU, Machine Learning, Technology, NLP, Data, attention network, neural network, hierarchical classifier

Forge.AI: Technical Overview

Posted by Forge.AI on February 21, 2018


The human brain is a remarkable instrument with highly evolved regions for understanding, reasoning, and decision making. When humans communicate, they typically speak or write to directly convey information. Information can be transmitted through email, text message, phone, web page, social media etc. to desired targets. Effective communication enables the semantics of what is attempting to be communicated to be properly received and interpreted. Our brains have highly developed regions, such as the angular gyrus, Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area, focused on reading and speech comprehension and the application of information to reasoning and decision-making processes.

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Tags: AI, NLU, Machine Learning, Technology, NLP, Data, Language, Knowledge, Reasoning

Unstructured Data: A Critical Fuel

Posted by Jim Crowley on January 28, 2018

2017 saw numerous advances in the development of Artificial Intelligence technologies, setting the stage for a massive transformative impact across the corporate landscape in 2018 and beyond. AI-powered solutions are now deciding (or helping businesses decide) what stocks to trade, how to best optimize supply chains, who to hire, probability of customer churn, brand sentiment, optimal pricing strategies and how to best model, how to monitor and manage risk, just to name a few. The corporate uses of AI are growing by the day.

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