Forge.AI Presents its Innovative Capabilities in NYC

Forge.AI was honored to present its innovative capabilities at MD5 Starts NYC this year. The presentation was conducted by Greg Ingram, Director of Business Development, and Jake Neely, Principal Scientist, AI Research & Development. Greg and Jake focused their discussion on Forge.AI’s technology solution for the explosion of unstructured data on the internet.

Using advanced technologies, Forge.AI collects, structures, and transforms unstructured text into machine-readable formats that can be ingested by analytical systems and algorithmic processes.  

The MD5 Starts NYC event, which took place in New York City on April 24th, was hosted by the National Security Innovation Network (MD5 recently renamed to NSIN), along with the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC). Per the NSIC’s website: “Our goal [for this event] is to get the most innovative projects in front of senior leaders who can support them. Some innovators need money. Some need an advocate to cut through the entrenched bureaucracy. Some want to recruit others to join their team.”


Lt Gen Jack Shanahan, the Director of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, discusses the importance of AI technologies.


This year, only five technology companies were invited to present, each providing information about their early-stage, dual-use ventures in AI and cyber technologies. Each team was allotted eight minutes for its presentation, and seven minutes for questions from the panelists.* Approximately 100 people attended the event, including:

  • high-impact investors
  • defense and security industry representatives
  • government leaders

We were delighted about the invitation and the opportunity to present the Forge.AI technology to this august group of leaders and decision makers.



Jake describes how Forge.AI uses AI to enrich and transform unstructured data into informative, usable, structured intelligence

*Panelists included Lt Gen Jack Shanahan, JAIC Director; Dr. Joel Mozer, Chief Scientist, Air Force Space Command; Robert Painter, Managing Director, Razor's Edge; and Brad Harrison, Founder, Scout Ventures.