Brandon McKinzie

Brandon McKinzie
I'm a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer at Forge.AI. I have the privilege of splitting my time between research and engineering, as Forge implements the state-of-the-art at scale. Accordingly, I spend my days implementing and my nights researching in order to stay up-to-date with the rapid advances taking place in the NLP research community. I’m particularly interested in recent developments in neuroscience, and using them as inspiration for my research in NLP.
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Takeaways from the TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018

Posted by Brandon McKinzie on May 22, 2018

At Forge.AI, we develop capabilities for transforming unstructured streams of data into a structured format consumable by other AI systems. Tensorflow is one of the principal toolkits we use in developing and deploying our capabilities, such as hierarchical classification. This past March, I had the opportunity to attend TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018 at the  Computer History Museum in Mountain View and represent the work we are doing at Forge.AI.

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Tags: TensorFlow, TensorFlow Dev Summit, TensorFlow Extended (TFX), TensorFlow Hub, Swift for TensorFlow (TFiwS)

Hierarchical Classification at Forge.AI

Posted by Brandon McKinzie on March 2, 2018


Suppose you’d like to classify individual documents at multiple levels of specificity. In addition, you’d also like to know whether a document contains multiple topics and with what confidence. For example, as I write this Google News is displaying an article titled Income Stocks With A Trump Tax Bonus. We may want to capture the main topics contained in the article along with an associated measure of our confidence that those topics are contained in the article. Such a classification might look something like the following

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Tags: AI, NLU, Machine Learning, Technology, NLP, Data, attention network, neural network, hierarchical classifier